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Youth Authenticity

Through Media and Art


of students agree that POSI helped them realize their opinions matter.


of students can identify a time  they stepped outside of their comfort zone


of students learned a skill to help with reading comprehension

About POSI

With the help of positive people we use media and arts to encourage  young people to flex their super-power; their voice.


At POSI People, we create safe spaces for youth to express themselves authentically.


Through writing and other creative outlets, youth have the opportunity to explore their identities, process their emotions, and connect with others who share similar experiences.

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What That Looks Like

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Youth Point of View

We partner with schools and like-minded organizations to empower youth through media, literature, and arts. A place where their voices are heard, celebrated, and recognized for their transformative potential

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Youth Lit Program

Through workshops and collaborative projects, we provide educational opportunities and mentorship to nurture the talents and skills of vulnerable youth interested in media, literature, and arts.

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Summer 2021 we committed to creating young mindful leaders. Our program combines the practices of yoga, meditation, and self-reflection to foster the development of the whole student—nurturing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Pencils and Notebooks

The Value


This program is uniquely designed to provide a space for students to explore and express themselves through interdisciplinary arts and media. The class aims to encourage students to discover their unique voice and perspective. Artistic expression is a powerful tool for students to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in brave and constructive way.

Through art, students gain the sense that their opinions matter. Posi Peoples offers a space for youth to explore their emotions, develop their own artistic style, and gain confidence in their abilities themselves.

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POSI employs the art of storytelling as a youth development tool to positively impact students.

Each Session - lessons are learned and connections are made through writing, sharing and creating different forms of art.

At the end of each program art-work is compiled into a book - an anthology of student work including creative writing, poetry, essays, music, and visual arts.


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